Addressing Validation Workflow

Addressing is Salt Lake County’s principal steward of high-value spatial addressing data.
Its primary functions include validating and maintaining addresses countywide; along with assigning addresses for the unincorporated county, the metro townships, and Millcreek. This data is important for a wide variety of users including the Recorder, Auditor, Assessor, and Treasurer for use in mapping, tax assessment, and customer service. Addressing also maintains this data for use by cities throughout Salt Lake County and for the efficient dispatch of emergency services.
See below for the addresses that Addressing validated in 2017 throughout the county. Hover your mouse over the different cities to see the thousands of volume that Addressing is responsible  for validating.
Specifically, Salt Lake County Addressing: 
  • Acts as the data steward of the GIS mapping system. 
  • Validate and acquire addressing data from: Subdivision Plats, Affidavits, Building Permits, and Business Licenses. 
  • Ensure addresses countywide are updated in the mapping database, and follow the Salt Lake County Addressing Standards. 
  • Supports the cities of Salt Lake County by notifying them of any possible address inconsistencies within their boundaries. 
  • Issues and maintains addresses for the Unincorporated County, the Metro Townships (Kearns, Copperton, Magna, White City, Emigration Canyon) and Millcreek.

Validating Addresses Frequently Asked Questions
Validating addresses and updating the GIS system is very important to the internal and external agencies to Salt Lake County.  We validate addresses to ensure mail, delivery services and public safety can easily find you.
Internal Agencies:   
Animal Services                     Treasurer's Office                     Planning
Recorder's Office                    Auditor's Office                         Tax Administration
Assessor's Office                     Health Department                
External Agencies:
Valley Emergency Communication Center (E911)                 United States Postal Service
Utility Companies (Questar, Blue Stakes, etc)                         Public 

Where does the Address Information come from?
• Countywide subdivision plats are recorded with the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office.
• Addressing acquires a copy of the plat and extracts the address information from the recorded document. 
• Addressing organizes the information to be retrievable and useful for Salt Lake County and external agencies.  Subdivision plats provide a multitude of information, but for addressing purposes it provides the assigned address, street name, and intersection coordinate values.

What goes into Validating an Address?
Our office verifies:
  • Odd/even address are assigned on correct side of the street
  • House numbers are not divisible by 100 (i.e, 5100 W 4700 S)
  • House numbers are in sequence with intersection coordinates and other addresses
  • Appropriate direction has been assigned
  • Length of street name
  • Street type is appropriate for configuration of street
  • There is not a duplication of an alphabetic street name
  • Phonetic duplicates are also not allowed
  • Other addressing standards are met

What are Addressing Standards?
The Addressing Standards is a guideline approved by the Salt Lake County Council of how to apply standards and definitions in the addressing of streets and properties in Salt Lake County to keep terminology and numbering consistent and logical.

What is the Difference between a Mailing Address and Property Address?
• Mailing address is where you have your mail sent to. 
• Property address is the address of a property. 
The majority of the time the mailing and property addresses are one in the same.  Some people do not have their mail delivered to their property they may have a PO Box or if they own several properties they may have all their mail sent to one location, not to the individual properties.

What if my Address does not fit with the Surrounding Addressing?
• Contact the Addressing Office at 385-468-6760 or addressing@slco.orgfor address changes in the Unincorporated County, the Metro Townships (Kearns, Magna, Copperton, White City, Emigration Canyon) or Millcreek.
• If you are an incorporated city contact your city.

What if my Address is incorrect on my Tax Notice?
• Contact the Addressing Office at 385-468-6760 or
Our office will research the address and if recorded documentation is found supporting a change we will correct the address on the county records.  If there is no documentation supporting the change, you will need to contact the appropriate jurisdiction and ask them to file an address change document with the Recorder's Office.